Friday, January 12, 2007

More Immaculate Inning Fun

So, in the spirit of starting off this blog, I decided to update the Immaculate Inning page at wikipedia, by adding the victims from many more feats. With the help of I was able to complete the list back to 1959 (before then retrosheet does not have play by play data). I was plugging along nicely until I discovered something possibly alarming to the purity of the list. Lynn McGlothen had been listed as achieving this feat on August 15, 1975. However, the play by play clearly shows that Tony Perez led off the inning with a single. I feel this betrays the spirit of the immaculate inning, so I deleted this entry from the Wiki page. I also sent my evidence to Baseball Almanac, from which the Wiki list was gathered . Pending a response by the experts, I believe we can now say that there have been 39 immaculate innings by 36 different pitchers.

Some trivia: While only three pitchers have ever pitched two Immaculate Innings, four players have been victims of the feat:
Jose Vizcaino, Carlton Fisk, Jeff Reed, and Greg Luzinski.. Further, if McGlothen's inning is excluded, then in all of the instances of the feat, one thing will be common: no pitcher has retired all three batters on a called third strike.

Yeah, so baseball statistics have pretty much been life consuming since I was about five years old, and I even have the picture to prove it. I might post it sometime, if you're lucky.


Xenod said...


The fact that Carlton Fisk was caught in this twice lends credence to the idea that the "real" Pudge has the last name of Rodriguez....since he's only been involved in one.

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