Saturday, June 28, 2008

Double Deuce!

I was in the middle of watching the amazing pitching duel between Andy Pettitte and Johan Santana when Mother Nature decided to throw her own curveball. During the rain delay, Fox cut over to the equally close Cubs-White Sox game. It was the bottom of the seventh inning with nobody out, and an 0-2 count on Carlos Quentin. Thom Brennan was going over the strikeout numbers for Marmol as they panned to a shot of Kerry Wood. I had to rewind my DVR for a second look....

Kerry Wood is not at all pleased at something. He is clearly raising both middle fingers. Another look:

I guess not living up to your potential as one of the all time best starting pitchers is pretty anger inducing. But hey, you're the closer and your team has the best run differential in baseball to go with first place! What's there to be mad about?

Also, someone should definitely write an angry letter to Fox. Imagine all the children who have been corrupted by seeing two seconds Kerry Wood flipping off no one in particular during a baseball game? More than those who saw Janet Jackon's half-nipple, that's for sure!


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Chyll Will said...

Hey... I'm flipping you off right now! Good to know you have a place to get to know the real mehmattski. And thanks for the thoughtful comment, my friend. I'll keep checking in >;)

- Chyll Will