Monday, February 12, 2007

Introducing the Publix Cookie of the Week(Not actually sponsored by Publix) [PCOW(NASBP)]

Since Swag just posted a discussion thread, I thought about holding off on this post, but it goes against my belief in the Principle of Anti-Too Much. There is no such thing as having too much beer in the fridge. There is no such thing as having too much cheese on your nachos. There's no such thing as having too much pitching. And there is no such thing as having too many posts on an upstart blog.

That brings us to a new weekly feature on the Immaculate Inning, the Publix Cookie of the Week. For those of you not from the Southeast US, Publix is the best grocery store ever. This is not up for debate. They also make awesome chocolate chip cookies, and are good to have on hand for when someone makes a statement having to do with something that they accomplished so that the sarcastic action of handing them a cookie may occur. This can apply to the entire range of impressivess, from the not at all impressive(for maximum sarcastic effect) to the extremely impressive.

For instance lets say Bob and Bill are two friends:
Bob: Oh man, I set a new high score on the helicopter flash game.
(Bill points at the box and Bob takes a cookie)

Bill: Sweet, I just cured cancer!
(Bob points at the box and Bill takes a cookie)

The recipient of the Cookie of the Week will be posted every Tuesday. On Monday I'll post a discussion thread, such as this one with some possible suggestions. The PCOW will typically be awarded to an athlete/team, but due to the arbitrary nature of blogs this is not set in stone.

Here's a couple nominees to get you started:
Phil Mickelson-won Pebble Beach
Maryland - beat Duke(convincingly)


Matt said...

According to wikipedia, the popularity of this phrase is due in part to a famous Chris Rock sketch "Niggas vs Black People" during which he has the following exchange with himself:

You know the worst thing about niggas? Niggas always want some credit for some shit they supposed to do. For some shit they just supposed to do: A nigga will brag about some shit a normal man just does. A nigga will say some shit like, "I take care of my kids."

You're supposed to, you dumb mothafucka. What are you talkin' about? What are you braggin' about? What kind of ignorant shit is that?

"I ain't never been to jail."
What do you want, a cookie?
You're not supposed to go to jail you low expectation having mothafucka.

Oh, Chris Rock. Anyway, my nominee is to Sean Taylor for his hit on a punter in the goddammned Pro Bowl:

Quick, click the link before the mighty NFL takes it down.

El Mateo Diablo said...

Publix "is not up for debate." Haha! Good. You're not even from a Publix area, but Samwise was clearly a good mentor.

NC needs to hop on the Publix train...NOW.

Xenod said...

I have educated him in the awesomeness in Publix, but I also wrote the post.