Thursday, March 19, 2009

Immaculate Inning Bracket

My NCAA tournament simulations have been the most popular thing I've ever done on Immaculate Inning. With the tournament starting in one hour, I thought I'd get my personal pics out there. First of all, here is the tournament, selected simply by picking the team with the most average wins in the tournament (click to enlarge):

But there's more to March Madness than simply statistics. Here is what I call the "Educated Intuition" bracket. It resembles the simulation bracket because I used those to educate my decisions. However, I overrulled the bracket in several key matchups. Plus, I always have to have one bracket where Duke wins it all!

I'll be coming back to Tournament Simulations and breakdowns throughout the weekend and into next week. Thanks for visiting Immaculate Inning for your tourney prognostication needs!

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