Monday, September 07, 2009

Congrats to Ross Ohlendorf(and belatedly to A.J. Burnett)

On Saturday, Ross Ohlendorf pitched an immaculate seventh inning against the Cardinals. You can watch it here. I'd have to defer to mehmattski on this, but I would bet that it's the first time that an Immaculate Inning has been throw where every strikeout was a dropped third strike.

On June 20th, AJ Burnett threw an immaculate inning of his own. You would think that a blog written by a Yankees fan and a Marlins fan who also follows Former Marlins, would've noticed when a Former Marlin throws an Immaculate Inning for the Yankees, against the Marlins. To our 6 readers and AJ Burnett, we wholeheartedly apologize for not posting about it when it happened.


Roblo said...

So I guess I'm the 7th reader right now?

J.M. O'Quinn said...

I think you've got a great site here, and I particularly enjoyed the collection of posts on left-handed players. I never heard the term "immaculate inning" before, but now that I know, I wonder this... Technically, of the nine pitches in an immaculate inning, up to six of them could be fouled off (for the first two strikes on each batter). Is there any way to keep track of how many such innings have occurred when no contact whatsoever was made between bat and ball? That would be fascinating.