Monday, February 12, 2007

The DLBQ - Monday, February 12

These will get posted every so often as open-forum questions. We will start off with just throwing out a question to be discussed in the comments, and probably come up with a more standard format in the future.
Today's Question:
"Lunardi has 9 acc teams in the ncaa buying that?"
Discuss amongst yourselves.
p.s. Dear Maryland,
I hope you enjoyed last night. If you'd like a trophy to commemorate the occasion, I would be happy to send you one. You can put it next to the ones you got for participation in the past two NITs.
Agent Swag
p.s. You're STILL not our rivals.


Xenod said...

I just don't think the ACC is nearly good enough this year to send 9 teams. Also, the way things are going, we might start looking for good hotel deals in NIT-ville.

Matt said...

Realistically, a lot might depend on the winner of the conference tournaments. Every time a team like Butler gets upset in the conference tourneys, another BCS conference team is probably eliminated from NCAA contention. This would especially be true in the ACC, where any team other than UNC winning the tourney may knock one of the ACC bubble teams out.

In addition to my usual tempo-free stats (Pythagorean Winning Percentage) I'll use the (very flawed) metric that is cited by the selection committee- RPI. Using everyone's current record I see no problem with the following teams in the tourney:

UNC (#1 PWP, #2 RPI, #8 SOS)
Duke (#10 PWP, #18 RPI, #4 SOS)
BC (#38 RPI, #19 RPI, #19 SOS)
Clemson (#17 PWP, #21 RPI, #42 SOS)
FSU (#36 PWP, #29 RPI, #13 SOS)
UMD (#19 PWP, #33 RPI, #26 SOS)
VT (#26 PWP, #34 RPI, #27 SOS)

UVA (#49 PWP #35 RPI, #21 SOS) and
Georgia Tech (#16 PWP, #56 RPI, #44 SOS) are the teams closest to the bubble. Virginia has the better shot to be included as it has clinched at least a .500 record in the ACC, which should make up for its lackluster non-conference play. GT will probably need to run the table or close to it to have a shot.

I say eight bids for the ACC.