Monday, February 19, 2007

Public Cookie of the Week Discussion

Plenty of sports news last week, but it still felt slow. That's probably because College basketball is the only thing on my radar right now. That said, here's some preliminary nominees for the PCOW(NSBP) to get you started

Coach K - got his 700th win at Duke
Kobe Bryant - All-star game MVP
Kevin Harvick - Won the Daytona 500

Who should win this week's PCOW(NSBP)?


Lifeafter said...

James Clanton, because he got a job.

Matt said...

This is a last-minute submission but I think Norv Turner deserves a cookie. Leaving the college ranks once again to improve upon his stellar 58-82-1 NFL record, and his solid playoff experience (2 games), to coach a team that fired its coach after a solid playoff run with a young quarterback.