Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Publix Cookie of the Week

Lets take a look at this week's candidates:

Coach K: Hands down the best coach of the last 20 years, and aside from being the current coach of Team USA he also manages to be God. Yeah, this isn't the best season for Duke, but they seem to be turning it around.

Kevin Harvick: OMG, did you see how well he turned left.

J.R.: Getting a job is a notable accomplishment, but it's not something that's really sports related.

Norv Turner: Turner is one of the best offensive coordinators in the National Football League(the best way to emphasize something when talking about football, is to say National Football League instead of NFL), but so far not a very good coach. I wouldn't really call this an accomplished, just a hiring.

Kobe Bryant: After reading Bill Simmons article about the 1987 All Star game, it really is sad what has happened to the All-Star game. I'll admit I didn't watch the game, but I did see the highlights. It showcased some nasty dunks, but the reason for this was that nobody was playing defense. The other team was just literally standing around while the offense came in and dunked. There's just no intensity there.

Maybe I'm selfish as a fan, but the whole idea behind the All-Star game is that if you take the best players in the league, then you'll get the best basketball. There are some good reasons why this intensity isn't there, such as risk of injury, but in reality, I don't think the players give a damn whether they win or lose. In their mind, they get to go to Vegas to party and gamble... and the game is just the price of admission.
Well, that's enough ranting. The point is, he was the best player in a game against people that really don't care.

Good job Kobe, have a cookie.


Lifeafter said...

I don't see how beating the highscore in the flash helicopter game (quite possibly the greatest flash game ever) has anything to do with sports either. If you ask me, I think that this is just another instance of the media not wanting to see another caucasian cookie eater succeed in the PCOW award.

Xenod said...

I am the flash helicopter god. Bow down and make sacrifices.