Monday, March 05, 2007

PCOW Discussion

It's Monday night, and you know what that means, time to figure out who deserves this week Publix Cookie of the Week(not actually sponsored by Publix). The sports world is starting to awaken with the beginning of March. College basketball is building up to its climax and baseball is just getting started. There should be a good amount of candidates, so lets see some nominees.

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Matt said...

1) Roy Williams, for having the following lineup in the game in the final 17.5 seconds, on Senior Night, despite being up 14 points:

Tyler Hansbrough (So)
Brendan Wright (Fr)
Quentin Thomas (Jr)
Dewey Burke (Sr)
Danny Greeen (So)

Where's Wes Miller? Where's Reyshawn Terry? These players don't deserve some final seconds on their home court? Oh that's right, you just wanted to run up the score against Duke for your 100th win. Have a cookie.

2) Alternatively, to Yankees minor league outfielder Bronson Sardinha, for hitting a deficit erasing, walk-off home run.... in spring training. While a truly rare occurrence in the regular season (there were only three all of last season), Sardinha managed to keep the Yankees' spring training record unblemished. That's worth a cookie, right?