Tuesday, March 13, 2007

PCOW Discussion

Sorry for the late post. Still spring training, got the NBA, and of course the upcoming NCAA tournament. Who is worthy of this week's cookie?


Matt said...

I nominate Stu Jackson, director of NBA basketball operations. Last week he issued a "retroactive flagrant foul" on Kobe Bryant for contact with Kyle Kover in a game the previous week. No foul- flagrant or otherwise, was called on the play during the game, and this is the third time Bryant has been reprimanded for contact after the fact. Just more symptoms of a fascist league imposing its will on a fight against what they consider to be a detrimental image. Damn those kids with their rap music, spandex sleeves, and physical basketball.

Alternatively, I believe Kansas State men's basketball coach Bob Huggins deserves a cookie for his comments following the release of the 2007 men's brackets. When Jim Nantz asked him how he felt about K-State not making the tournament, Huggins replied "Well, I'm disappointed, and you can break it down all you want, but in the end we needed to win more basketball games." An excellent attitude compared to the whining coming out of Syracuse's Jim Boehiem. I think the cookie should first be placed just out of Boehiem's reach and then handed to Huggins, who will eat the cookie slowly while the Syracuse coach has to watch.

Anonymous said...

Flying pigs for their miraculous appearance the same day Isiah Thomas had his contract renewed.

- Kim