Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Publix Cookie of the Week winner

First of all, props to Matt for making a graphic. I hereby owe him one Publix cookie. Lets take a look at this week's nominees.

Roy Williams - He's an asshole for keeping his starters in during a blowout. Say what you will about Coach K, but I challenge you to find a game against UNC in which he had his starters in with 20 seconds left during a blowout. When you leave your starters in, you're sending the message that it still counts. Henderson made a reckless, hard foul, but Hanbrough should've been riding the bench well before that.

Bronson Sardinha - Spring training baseball is great fodder for PCOWs due to the baseball preseason being completely worthless for predicting team success(Matt, please call me out on this if I'm wrong). A walkoff homerun in spring training makes for a very strong case for a cookie, but something else intervened this week.

Yusmeiro Petit - One of today's headlines on espn.com was that Daisuke Matsuzaka held the Marlins scoreless in 3 innings. The sub-headline was that he did well in his debut against major league hitters. The article went into intimate detail about Daisuke's outing which consisted of 2 hits, 1 walk, 3 K's after 47 pitches thrown. After paragraphs and paragraphs about Dice-K, the last one says that Petit allowed only 1 hit and struck out 5 batters over his three scoreless innings. DICE-K GOT OUTPITCHED. Aside from getting beaten in the numbers, he did this against the Boston Red Sox who have a much more respectable offense than the Florida Marlins.

There's no international hype surrounding Yusmeiro Petit's season, but he out-dueled Dice-K over 3 innings and deserves a little more than a footnote. Being in Jupiter, Florida you're much closer than I am to Publix, so you're going to have to get it yourself. I remember passing a Publix on the way to a spring training game though, so here's how you get there.

Yusmeiro, drive swiftly and safely to Publix and enjoy your cookie. You held the Red Sox to 3 scoreless innings and pitched better than international obsession. If that's not worth a cookie, I don't know what is.


Matt said...

Your ass is probably correct on this one. To pick a random, yet pretty famous example- the 1998 Yankees were something like 5-15 in spring training, then opened the regular season by getting swept in Oakland. They only lost 47 more games over the next six months, regular season and post-season. So yeah, spring training is the source of many many cookies.

Jeff said...

Seeing as how Petit plays for the Marlins, are we sure that he can actually afford to purchase his own cookie?