Friday, March 23, 2007

PCOW Winner

Phear my 1337 Microsoft paint skillz! Anyway, this weeks award goes to our fallen Duke brother, Josh McRoberts. There is one word for McRoberts season, exposed, exposed and disappointing. Two words, exposed and disappointing...and timid. Anyway, he quickly went from rookie phenom to meh sophomore. Like Paulus, he no longer thrived once JJ and Shelden graduated. You know, that crazy thing that happens when someone stays all four years.
The difference is, I feel like Paulus got better as the season progressed. He made less mistakes and started taking more shots, whereas McRoberts stagnated.
He's the most dominant force under the board, as long as nobody else is under the board. Sure, he'll throw down some powerful dunks and is good for the Play of the Day reverse alleyoop, but once you throw a decent defender in there he would just pass it out or settle for a hook shot. It's true that both of those skills are useful, but when you're built like McRoberts you should be forcing the issue more. I
f he was coming back for another year, I'd make him watch Clockwork Orange-style Shelden Williams and Dahntay Jones highlites for days at a time. He'd see how they'd punish weaker players by dunking it in their face and either doing pushups on top of their bodies after contact or crotch dunking on them. I really think Duke and McRoberts could've benefited from another year with eachother. McRoberts is still getting used to his body and could use the confidence from playing against smaller competition. Duke could of course use his size and athleticism.

Have fun getting manhandled in the NBA Josh, and here's a cookie.

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